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Zakatul fitr is compulsory on every Muslim; either male or female, young or old and whether free person or slave. There is consensus of the scholars on this as reported by Ibn Al-Munzir.

The wisdom behind the legislation of zakatul-Fitr

1-it cleanses the fasting person from obscene and vain talks

2-food for the poor, as was reported by Ibn Abbaas (may Allah be please with them both)

3- Preventing the poor and the needy from begging on the day of eid so as for them to join the rich in the celebration and the merry making such that it becomes eid for all.

4- it is a demonstration of thanks to Allah for the favor of completing the fast of Ramadan and the prayers therein (Ibn Utheimeen)

5- it the charity of the body as Allah made to be in existence for the complete year. This is why it is compulsory on children though they don’t fast (By As-Sa’di)

Time of payment

Zakatul-fitr should be paid before sunrise of the day of eid and before the eid prayer and that is the best, however, it is permissible to pay it a day or two to the day of eid as was the practice of Ibn Umar (may Allah be please with them both).

What type of food can be given and permissible substitutes

According to the Maaliki school of thought it is permissible to give any kind of food as long as it is the main staple in that particular region or the main food of the person

Issue: is it permissible to pay the money equivalent of zakatul-fitr?

The scholars unanimously agreed on paying  zakatul fitr in kind, thus giving out food as was done by our beloved Prophet may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. But with regards to paying zakatul-fitr in cash, they differed therein and the most preponderant view is that it is not allowed to give zakatul-fitr in cash.

The calculation of Zakat-ul-Fitr

The amount of Zakat-ul-Fitr is one Sa` of food.  In modern times, is almost 3 kilo of food.




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