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All praises be to Allah peace and blessing be upon Allah’s messenger, his family and his companions.

This verdict is well known to the Scholars as Attashriiq (combination between two acts of Ibadah with a unit of intention).

Its judgment is that if it is among the matters that can be combined, it is permissible, since our objective from these two acts of Ibadah can been achieved like when a man with Janabah” takes a ritual bath on Friday with the intention of  removing his janabah and taking the Friday ritual bath. It is permissible because his major impurity has been removed and  also he would be rewarded for Jum’ah ritual bath. Also, if one of these two acts of worship i.e worship is not intended for itself, while the other is intended for itself, the combination is acceptable. This is like combining the greeting prayer (Tahiyyatu-l- masjid) with the obligatory prayer. The greeting prayer is not intended for itself but the intended is to offer prayer in that place, and it has been done. But combining between two intended acts of worship like Zuhr i.e Noon prayer and its voluntary rak'ats or like obligatory fast or repaying fasting of repentance or vow and supererogatory fast like six days of Shawwal, is not permissible in such case. This is because each of these acts of worship  is independent  from the other and is expected to be intended for itself. So it cannot be included in the other act of worship.  

Fasting in the month of Ramadan or repaying it should be intended for itself separately and fasting of the six days of Shawwal should also be intended for itself separately because both of them serve as one year fasting as related in a sound Hadith. Therefore, it is allowed to combine these two acts of worship with a unit of intention, because each of the two is independent by its self.   

Does combination of the repayment of Ramadan fast  and fasting six of Shawwal suffice for  fasting six days of Shawwal? Or none of the two occur?  

Some scholars opined that it occurs as repaying, while some said that it occurs as six days of Shawwal, and others said none of the two occurs.


But if he fasted in Shawwal with the intention of repaying only and it coincided with the six days of Shawwal or more than that, would he be rewarded for fasting six days of Shawwal or not? The best answer is that it is hoped that he would be rewarded but not like the reward of the one who fasted the six days of Shawwal with a separate intention, for the probability of including optional act under obligatory act of worship. 

 In the book titled: Asharqoowi written on dedication to Sheikh Zakariyyah AL – Ansoor: (If he fasts in it, i.e. Shawwal the repayment fast of Ramadan or another in fulfilling of promise or another optional act, he would get the reward for observing the optional fast. Since the focus is the fasting of six days of Shawwal…. But the full reward would not be given except with the intention of fasting without mixing up with the six days of Shawwal particularly for one who missed Ramadan fasting because it cannot be said that he followed the fasting of Ramadan with six days of Shawwal. Allah knows best.



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