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It is no secret that there is no Islamic law effect in “Khitba” as it is in Aqdu Nikah where both the engaged man and woman are legally free to enjoy each other, so, it is not permissible for both the engaged to isolate themselves in a vacant place.


One of the disheartening issues of today is what is seen in some Islamic societies where there is a freedom of closeness between the engaged man and woman who have not become husband and wife, and this attitude is very far from the Islamic prescribed law.


This is caused by weakness of Islamic understanding, insufficient upbringing in sound Islamic education and habit of emulating non-Muslims.


What is good to be cautious of is that, those non-Muslims are the people who free the engaged man to meet the engaged woman in privacy. They encouraged the engaged man in going with the engaged woman to markets, hotels, beach and some other places, at times the engaged lady’s family allows her to travel together with the engaged man without any supervisor, based on the fact that this will Increase know each other.


There is no doubt that, Islam does not sanctioned this, but it disallows , deprives and warns against its  negative serious consequence because Islam wants the engaged woman to be living under a fortified fence till the marriage contract done effectively.


Islam also wants her and the engaged man to move away from any bad suspicions and malicious rumors, especially from the predators and envious


Islam also strongly advices the engaged woman to protect herself so that she may not be a plaything that her engaged man would  tampered with her ​​image as if she is a  toy.

How many events and stories of this nature that had been heard where many ladies and their families were regretting in the time where their remorse would not benefit them…


In attempt to block this and some other issues related to it, the prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said in one of the honorable hadiths which was collected by Ahmad and Tirimidh “A man would never be with a woman lonely in an isolated place except (Shaytan) the devil would be the third person”.




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