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All praises and thanks belong to Allah who legislated Islam and made it a perfect religion which abrogated all inhume acts of the pagans. I seek His special salutations on our beloved Prophet Muhammad, his family and all companions who were beacons of guidance and light, teachers and liberators of mankind from the darkness of man-made laws, corrupted and superstitious beliefs, and unjust civilizations.

Jahiliyya is an Arabic word which literally means “State of Ignorance” or “Time of Ignorance”.  Technically it refers to the period before the mission of prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in Arabian Peninsula when the people were worshipping idols and had no revelation to guide their belief and conduct.

In this short article, an envisage shall be made into the regular rinsing of the mouth and the nose which is one of the few beautiful conducts of the pagan Arabs before the advent of Islam; a period described in Islamic literature as the era of Jahiliyya(ignorance). This practice is one of the obligatory actions of ablution which Muslims do when performing ablution for prayers and also a recommended etiquette of waking up after the night sleep. There are a lot of traditions of the holy Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and his family) on it.

It is mentioned in some books of Arabs civilization before the advent of Islam that, they used to frequently rinse their mouths and nostrils with water as a mere hygienic daily practice and not as an act of religion as Muslims do. Scholars such as Abubakar Al-Jaza’iriy (may Allah protect him) mentioned that they do this as a result of the dust that enters their mouths and nostrils as they always tread on the sandy deserts of Arabia. It later became a common practice among them with which they comply with as a daily routine.

It must however be made clear that, the legislation of this practice and many other good cultures of Arab paganism means that they were not just mere practices Islam took from other civilizations, nay, but they are revelations and acts of worship enjoined by Allah The Most Great. Islam came to perfect Allah’s previously revealed laws and legislations, and the Arabs has a history that is traceable to Prophet Abraham and prophet Ishmael (may Allah’s peace be upon them). The Quraish tribe of Arabs who were the custodians of the sacred house of Allah in Makkah were upon the path of Abraham until idol worship was introduced into it, hence it’s just possible that some of their good practices such as the above elucidated practice, and others such as : taking a bath after sexual intercourse, fulfilling of oaths and promises, truthful in speech, self-respect and generosity, were the left over teachings of Prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael(peace be upon them) which was ancestrally handed over to them.



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