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All praises and thanks are due and belong to Allah Who revealed Islam as the only perfect religion through which His pleasure is sought. May His special salutations and benedictions be upon the bearer of the final Message to Mankind; the Prophet Muhammad, his family and all companions.

Islam as the final religion came to sieve and refine the prevalent cultures at the time of its revelation endorsing the good practices and abolishing and abrogating the bad ones. The endorsement of such good practices the people were upon before the advent of Islam and the abrogation of the bad ones show how subtle the Islamic Message is. It is a religion that came to ensure the spiritual and material progress of man in accordance with God’s plan. Among the things that were practiced during the pre-Islamic era known as the jahiliyya era was bravery and rescuing one another. In fact this particular feature is  mentioned in the books of Arab history, as could be clearly inferred from the history of Caliph  Umar before he embraced Islam. With his courage and determination, Umar(may ِAllah be pleased with him) was a role model for all Muslims. The Arabs were very courageous people and they spent anything they had no matter how expensive it is to rescue one another for the purpose of protecting the image of their tribe from any kind of humility and disgrace .

These qualities are the signs of manliness and in many tasks they serve as a bridge to success. All social and intellectual revolutions require these qualities. On the other hand fearful and timid people hide themselves in corners ,they do not undertake any task for fear of their opponents. Such people neither become reputable nor can they bring any change in life.

However, we can further clarify these great qualities by giving an example from the traditions of our noble prophet (peace be upon him). It is reported in a good Hadith that in the heat of battle, [when the passions burned strongest,] we would seek shelter behind the Messenger of Allah ((peace be upon him)), for there was none closer to the enemy than him, and you had seen us on the day of Badr, battle of we were taking shelter behind the Prophet of Allah ((peace be upon him)) and he was the closest among us to the enemy" (Narrated by Abu-Dawood)

Al-Bukhari narrated upon the authority of Anas that "the Messenger of Allah(peace be upon him) was the best of mankind, and the most generous among mankind, and the bravest among mankind. The citizens of Al-Madinah awoke in a panic one night [to a sound], so they rode out towards the sound. On their way they met the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) returning, having beat them to the sound, saying: 'Do not worry, do not worry' and he was riding a horse of Abi-Talha with no saddle (in his hurry to reach that sound), around his neck hung his sword."


During the first hours of the battle of Hunain, when many of the Muslims forsook Muhammad ((peace be upon him)) and fled the battle field, Muhammad (pbuh) stood firm in the field of battle as if nothing had happened saying "I am the Messenger, I lie not!. I am the son of Abdul-Muttalib."




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