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2/Judgment with the clue of police minutes:

Minutes are attested informations that comprises of all processes of a case. It is more comprehensive than a report as it comprises of the reality and the words of the rebates (plaintiff and complaint), their proofs and their rejoinders. The judge has the authority to accept it or rejects what is in the minutes, and to depend on other proofs as the minutes is not a reliable evident in itself. It is just a support for the judge in identifying the accompanying circumstances of a case such as there been witnesses to it or other material indications that help shear more light for him on his path of taking judgment.

In a situation where a judge is contented with the content of the minute or report, he may seek the ascertainment of the case through other methods.

For example: a report or minute on the clash of two cars resulting in the death of one of the two drivers with the report establishing a percentage of mistakes on the part of both drivers. This may lead to the judge looking for contra proofs.

3/ judgment with a juridical test (medical test recognized in the sharia)

A medical test has an outstanding recognition in the field of evidence especially in criminal cases necessitating the need of every doctor acquiring its knowledge, especially doctors’ in charge of women treatment, childbirth in order to be able to confirm cases of abortion or childbirth or rape. It is also needed by surgical doctors in order to give reports on the causes of bruise (injury by a blow or knock) and wounds, and the extent of its danger and duration of cure. The same applies to situations of suicide poisoning (poisoning oneself) or criminal poisoning.

Hence, juridical medicine has aided much in solving many problems that poses a challenge to judgment proceedings among which are:

1-   Cases of mistakes in the profession of doctors and pharmacies

2-   Conducting medical tests on prisoners to know the reality during situations of claiming abnormality of the prisoned

3-   Medical test on madness in the case of one who claimed it to escape punishment

4-   Test on one impeached of fornication, or one who consumed sugar to dilute his blood

5-   Identifying defects between couples through medical test

6-   Conducting medical test to identify criminal defrauding in business transactions.

More light would be shed on two issues:-

Firstly : judgment with the indication of medical test in the establishment of familial relation or rejecting it:



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