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Marriage is of the most important events in human life since it is a link between two individuals that results in rights, relationships, and duties for each party. It is a serious choice that should not be subject to emotion only, but should happen based on emotion and reason together, if not, it wouldn't last . One of the phenomena recently spread is the tendency of Muslim youth towards marrying foreign women, whether Muslims or non-Muslims, which became a controversial issue for a lot of Muslim societies.

Although Islam does not prohibit marrying foreigners, and there are successful samples of marriages to foreign women, but disadvantages  of such kinds of marriages exceed the advantages, such as increasing the number of spinsters in the original community, and its impact on Islamic values (if she is non-Muslim), customs and traditions, as well as increasing divorce rates and  dispersion of children.

Before mentioning the remedy of this problem, we must first clarify the reasons that prompted a lot of Muslim youth to marry foreign ladies, including:

High cost of dowries

Marriage is a sacred association prescribed by Allah to establish a stable family by which both spouses enjoy stability, love and parenting. But when this noble goal turns into a pursuit of purely material interest, the result is the collapse of the married life.

This is exactly what is happening in the issue of marrying foreign ladies because girls of their countries do not waive the prohibitive costs of marriage that begins with high dowry, a dwelling with special specifications, and a certain amount of gold, in addition to the accompanying costs such as holding a great wedding party, gifts, and many conditions out of the financial ability of the groom. While marrying a foreign woman does not cost a lot of money. On the other hand, some Muslim youth seek to marry foreign ladies to get a job, a house, or nationality as a result of that marriage. However, this type of marriage, which is built on personal material benefits, often end in failure, divorce and dispersing children.

The openness of societies

  the massive unprecedented development in the field of technology and communications which form individuals' openness, as well as the convergence that enabled the young men and women from meeting and communicating with people from other countries and communities is a source of changing some of the convictions of young Muslims, including the idea of marriage from outside the original community. Given that some of the men believe that marrying a foreign woman is the fashion of the times, kind of urbanization and search for outer beauty. Also, what helped it, is a visual media which is trying to show foreign women as the  better  and encourage young Muslims to experience marrying them .

This random marriage may lead to a husband's suffering, after marriage, from the problems arising from the lack of acceptance of his wife to his community, or some of its customs and traditions. Thus, the wife insists on adhering to her customs and traditions, causing embarrassment for her husband of some of her actions.

The long stay abroad

Sometimes, residence for a long time in a foreign country to study or work causes many  Muslim youth to marry a woman from that country, due to his need to a woman in his life, which is experienced by many Muslim youth in foreign lands . Although some of them have married in their native countries, had families and children, but cannot afford the costs of conveying them to those countries of residence.  


Some flaws in the man

One reason for the tendency of young Muslims to marry foreign ladies is the refusal the original society's girls to marry a man who has a flaw, such as if he is former prisoner, a divorced,  a married and has a family and children, or one of people with special needs. In such cases, the man often resort to look for a foreign girl agree to marry him without disdaining his defects.

The Remedy

1- Facilitating marriage, through:

- Reducing the dowry

Parents should raise their daughter on the principle of economy and avoid extravagant. This will help facilitating her marriage without requiring high dowry or  superstitious costs from the groom . They must also teach her that the moral worth of men and noble morals are more important than the material value or his fortune.

- Mass marriages

This alleviates a lot of the financial burden for the groom, through which he can start married life that is free of debts, loans, and financial pressures.


2- Following the Islamic approach in accepting a groom

The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him said:

" "If there comes to you one with whose character and religious commitment you are pleased, then marry (your daughter or female relative under your care) to him, for if you do not do that there will be Fitnah in the land and widespread corruption." Grade: Da'if (weak), Jami` at-Tirmidhi

Marriage is an experiment like other experiments which likely to success or fail. A man may pass through a failed marriage experience, that does not mean he is bad or unfit to marriage. Thus, Muslim girls should take into account the conditions of some men and accept the righteous good men, even if he had failed in a previous marriage or made a mistake in the past. This may reduce inflating this problem and therefore maintains a cohesive society.


3- Community education

Community has an important role in resolving this issue by educating individuals the necessity to preserve the good customs and traditions, and national identity ( among which is to marry a local girl), as well as to clarify the obstacles of this matter and its negative effects on the individual and society. That is done through social lectures,  Friday's sermons, and family meetings,  in addition to the role of press and media.


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