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 In The Name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.
Spinsterhood phenomenon among young women represent a significant problem in many communities. And in particular that it is complementary to the problem of bachelorhood for men. Spinsterhood causes vary according to the different communities, religions, customs and traditions of each society, whether they are psychological, economic, social, or traditional. Nevertheless, They are all lead to the same result and effect. Below are some highlighted psychological factors that exacerbate the problem of spinsterhood in the Muslim World.

-      Psychological complex

If the girl was suffering from a psychological complex, whether of the marriage itself or of men in general. This would constantly urge her to reject the idea of marriage out of fear of the unknown future. Causative factors for this type of psychological disorders may vary depending on each girl. Some girls hate marriage due to the large number of failed marriages around her  - especially if they involve beating, humiliation, expulsion or dispersion of children, parental divorce, as well as the previous exposure to sexual harassment or rape. All of these events play a key role in the psychological state of a girl towards the idea of marriage, and the result is often refusing it which leads ultimately to spinsterhood.


-      Lack of self confidence

One of the reasons that make a girl rejects marriage is lack of self-confidence, whether in her shape and beauty, or in her ability to take responsibilities for the marital life, including pregnancy, childbirth. rearing children, and doing household tasks. This is often gives a sense of fear of failure in married life, or even engaging into this experience.


-      A sense of independence and self-sufficiency

This is often caused by girls' insistence on completing their education and entering the labor market after that. Those girls think that they don't necessarily “need” a man in their life in order to survive financially and as a result, they are getting married when they are good and ready—which is increasingly being delayed. They have also gotten used to living life thier way. Sometimes, this type of woman may fear wedding because of problems that may be caused by her career. This is contrary to the purposes of Islam from marriage, procreation, and family life which leads to build a cohesive society. However, those girls often regret their loss of a chance of marriage eventually.

-      A sense of greatness and excessive vanity

Some girls miss the opportunity to marry due to rejecting all men, because she believes that the right person "in her own consideration" has not come yet. i,e. She awaits the one who is worth of her beauty, money, status, or lineage, or educational level. While In Islam, compatibility in marriage is connected to religious commitment and righteousness not money, status, or lineage.


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