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In The Name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

Islam has ordained marriage to achieve great purposes and goals, including, but not limited to, that it is a means of chastity, a reason for surviving human race, a positive way to achieve motherhood and fatherhood, and a means to generate successive generations for the establishment of the Muslim community. But living conditions and economic changes imposed a particular kind of threat into Muslim societies, targeting Muslim youth, especially women. It is the phenomenon of delayed age of marriage or the so-called "spinsterhood".

Below are some highlighted economic factors that worsen the problem of spinsterhood in the Muslim World.

Perhaps one of the main causes of spinsterhood in the Muslim world is unemployment and lack of employment opportunities for men. In light of successive economic crisis, lack of employment opportunities for young men, and growing unemployment rate, many young men gave up on the idea of marriage in view of what it needs of exhausting a lot of money, including the dowry, preparations of marriage, furnishing the new house, alimony, and so on. So how a man can even think of marriage if he cannot find a job or meet his financial needs by himself? Thus, this is what often causes spinsterhood for both sexes, men and women.

Also, low salaries and wages compared to high cost of living, as well as the requirements of the necessities of life including food, clothes and housing make a young man unable to save money and prepare for marriage. Also, rising in house rents makes many men reluctant to marry and hire a separate house. Other men have to resort to joint housing with parents, which often leads to social problems. What is worse is that some customs and traditions have exaggerated in this economic dimension such as high dowries, overstated weddings, and the cost of housing, furniture and other material, which contribute to more reluctance of young men before initiating the idea of marriage.

Along with the above, prevalent economic conditions have led many men to search for employed girls to marry; in order, they may help them in spending on new family, which results in a higher percentage of spinsterhood in unemployed women. Furthermore, those economic conditions prompt many families to delay their daughters' marriage to take advantage of their salaries and improve the economic conditions of the family; consequently, they miss their opportunities to get married.


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