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No one can stop global progress in science and technology, which is accompanied by the prevalence of using social networking sites. It is a double-edged sword which if used negatively, and then it poses a threat of the biggest threats facing marital relations. Moreover, it may bring the relation to disintegration and collapse of families. While if used appropriately, it is possible to strengthen and maintain those relationships.

Stability of families and establishment of security among its members based on a successful relationship between the spouses and the availability of honesty and love between them. Hence, below are some tips that may prevent risks of social media, especially "Facebook".

1.   Both spouses should constantly remind each other of Allah's saying:


(مَا يَلْفِظُ مِنْ قَوْلٍ إِلَّا لَدَيْهِ رَقِيبٌ عَتِيدٌ} (ق: 18)

Translation: "Man does not utter any word except that with him is an observer prepared [to record]."  (50:18)

In addition, they should not spend time excessively on those pages, in order to prevent responsibilities from being neglected or blame and reproach from happening between them.

2.   There must be an agreement between the spouses on what can be posted on Facebook, so no one can be surprised nor dissatisfied with what is published in the page of the other spouse. No doubt, that pre-established rules of photos, videos and publications type prevent future problems.

3. Exchanging passwords between them enhance mutual trust, along with trust in each other not to access private conversations that may contain secrets of those close to him. They also must pay attention to the importance of not spying or snooping the other spouse's page, because it weakens the confidence and often leads to poor understanding.

4.  Both spouses should avoid discussing problems that arise between them on Facebook, because these are their own problems and should not be known or interfered in by any one. That will complicate matters more and make it difficult to control the situation. In addition, what complicate matters more is when one of the couples publishes words that indicates or hints a problem suffered by one of them, or their families.

5.   There must be mutual respect and appreciation among the spouses on social network pages. In addition, each of them must show the name of the other spouse in marital status in order to prevent any attempt to snooping and tampering.

6.   If one of the spouse liked a post on Facebook, or wrote a commentary that does not appeal to the other, one spouse should not try to take an aggressive stand against the other nor address the situation in an emotional way. This may escalate and aggravate the situation. Treating and discussing such a matter must be done calmly and objectively as well as using this position to acquire a sophisticated style in relation and tolerance in dealing between spouses.

7.   They must be careful in choosing friends, and staying away from people who may represent nuisance or harm to the other spouse's feelings. In addition, strict limits must be set for private conversations with the opposite sex. However, if there is a need for such type of conversations, it is important to inform the other spouse about it and its justifications. This quite strengthens confidence among them.

8.   It's nice for spouses to communicate and exchange kind words with each other through Facebook, which in turn gives them some sense of romance and meets their emotional needs, especially if a spouse chooses the appropriate time and conditions for it, i.e. when the other spouse is free from pressures and sufferings.

9.   Communication between the spouses on Facebook pages plays an important role, especially if one of them is away from the other due to travel or any emergency, otherwise, it should not be a substitute for direct personal communication between them.

10. They should stop browsing Facebook and social networks during evening. This time should be dedicated for fun with each other or with their families.




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