Prayer Time

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There is no wife who would not seek to win her husband's heart, so that he would be her warm-hearted and affable at any time she wants.

Do you want to be a beloved and an assistance wife to him.  Life is not without  pressures and difficulties. May Allah bless you , be sure that there is no success without support of some individuals, especially the one that Allah made to be your peace of mind. How beautiful that you always play your roles by alleviating his pain whenever he comes from the work tiredly or feels pain due to the encountered problems as a result of his responsibilities and travail of life material. He may encounter worries which do not make him happy, so do not ever fail to play your role in making home calmness and  comfortable for in order to restore balance to  your marital lives.

 Massage and Anointment:

Squeezing and netting of the hands with each other relieve the feeling of tiredness. The feeling of tiredness will be reduced, for they will send calming messages to the brain and that bring a lot of benefits for both of you. 

And as for anointment of the body, it has many physical and psychological benefits as revealed by American national center for biotechnologies. It has been proved that treatment by anointment for about fifteen minutes in a day, twice in a week for just five weeks will result to a very significant improvement in countering the symptoms of anxiety and stress. So what is important is to acquaint how to perform it, even in a simple way.


When he returns home do not present to him a mountain of request, but give him a time to exercise some activities he likes, this will eases his sense of stress and worries.

Although, he may return from work tiredly and longed to comfort, but he may response to an excursion to a place which may good memories. This helps to alleviate tiredness and gloominess.

 Beauty in the house:

Try to add some luxurious things in the home, and some simple changes which can bring joy of mind and pleasant face, like beautiful flowers and pleasant perfumes. This helps to make him feels that he has a delighted queen in his kingdom, this will wipe off exhaustion and fatigue from one's life partner.

 Beautiful welcome: 

Don’t forget that welcoming with a smiling face and beautiful words and comfortable conversation bring more amelioration. There is nothing wrong in presenting to him a juice fruit of his choice or a cup of water, all these have good effects in booming of love and assist to remove fatigue and tiredness from the home.

Presentation of gift:

And if you can afford giving out a gift in order to express your appreciation on his straggling and his exemplified efforts which he spent in order to provide a comfortable life for the family, in an attempt to let him feel your passion and gratitude to Allah for his return safely. The Prophet (peace be upon him) has reported to have said: Exchange giving of gifts for that will increase love and affection among one another.

Participating and sharing of obedience:

Till Allah save your home and your family, always advise him to remember Allah a lot, and try to put apart some amount of money for charity to the poor and tie of kinship. However, you should not forget that whoever guide a person to a right path will be rewarded the reward  given to the doer.

 Then, try to participate in a certain acts of worship together that can be performed by both of you like fasting a certain days in the month and join him in observing some prayer, this helps to wipe off the trace of stress and tiredness. So that he will  feel that you are always on his side and fell his soul with happiness.



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