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It is beautiful to live your days fully convinced that your married life is like a tall building based on solid and consolidated pillars with many windows overlooking the wonderful beautiful scenes, and surrounded by forts and castles that take it away from all risks. This visualization is very beautiful but at the same time very dangerous because you might wake up one day to discover that all that was just an imagination.

So as not to break this beautiful edifice you built in your imagination, it is good for you to have some concepts that are easy to test permanently and continuously. These concepts are the real foundations and pillars upon which marriage is built ,in a world far from dreams and romantic fantasy .


1. Trust

No marriage relationship can be described as strong unless it is built and based on the concept of renewed trust. If there is one single principle you need in your marriage, you cannot give it up and it can precede love, respect, understanding and many important things, then, without hesitation, this principle would be confidence.

Trust is not simple or easy or something you can achieve by convincing yourself of its importance, rather, it is indeed an expensive pillar made of precious metal.

It is difficult to atain trust except through a gradual process increasing over days and years between you and your husband. You can consider trust as the cement you need when you decide to build any building. Without this cement, the building will break down. Also, if the cement is not good, It would quickly disintegrates and collapses over its inhabitants.

Make your husband feel your increasing trust. Trust him , and be worthy of that trust, no disclosure of secrets, failure in difficult situations, betrayal, nor harm.


2. Effort

We have never seen a beautiful, strong and dazzling building built overnight. Any building, even under all the modern technologies, requires effort, sweat, fatigue, determination and perseverance to be in such strength and beauty. Marital relationship is exactly the same thing. It needs a sincere and continues effort. Once you and your husband invest all your determination and dedication for this joint construction, you can be sure that it can withstand hurricanes and storms.

Do not think that love is just overwhelming. Love is a function and marriage is a partnership that needs giving and taking to continue successfully.


3. Love

No one can stay in a marriage relationship with neglect and lack of love and appreciation. If you want to know how much your husband loves you, think honestly and impartially how much attention you give him on daily basis. This flowing attention is the periodic maintenance required for all facilities of this great building "Marriage". Hence, when you give love constant attention and the highest priority in your marital relationship, you possess a full team of specialized engineers who are able to remedy any defect and repair any damage in any part of this great building .



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