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One of the compulsory duties of the preachers is to understand the methods of calling Non – Muslims to Islam in order to win their hearts to Islam and to communicate with them about the true religion. For this reason, it is compulsory to take appropriate methods of approaching the invited person to Islam according to his condition in order to achieve the goals intended.

The noble Qur’an has pointed out the importance of  using  appropriate  methods in calling to Islam through the words of Allah, the Exalted, which says:

ادْعُ إِلَىٰ سَبِيلِ رَبِّكَ بِالْحِكْمَةِ وَالْمَوْعِظَةِ الْحَسَنَةِ ۖ وَجَادِلْهُم بِالَّتِي هِيَ أَحْسَنُ ۚ إِنَّ رَبَّكَ هُوَ أَعْلَمُ بِمَن ضَلَّ عَن سَبِيلِهِ ۖ وَهُوَ أَعْلَمُ بِالْمُهْتَدِينَ

" Invite (all) to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: Indeed, your Lord is best knowing, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance." Nahl : 125.  For this, may be the most appropriate methods to be used in approaching them are as follow.

Firstly: Gradual approach method: Gradual approach in presentation of Islam and starting with the basic things and the general principles, then followed by talking about all the necessary facts of Islam.

When the Prophet(peace be upon him) sent Muhadh (May Allah be pleased with him) to Yeman, the Prophet (peace be upon him) taught him the attitudes of those who is going to call them to Islam i.e. jews and Christians. It was reported by Ibn Abbas (May Allah be pleased with him) that when the prophet(peace be upon him) wanted to send Muhadh Ibn Jabal to Yemen, he said:  Verily, you are coming to a people among the people of the Book, so call them to testify there is no God but Allah and I am the Messenger of Allah. If they accept that, then teach them that Allah has obligated five prayers in each day and night. If they accept that, then teach them that Allah as obligated charity to be taken from the rich and given to the poor. If they accept that, beware not to take from the best of their wealth. Be on guard from the supplication of the oppressed, for there is no barrier between it and Allah. Al – Hafiz bn Hajar explains the wisdom in this. “That is to give him an advice because the people that is going to talk with them are people of knowledge. So, method of approaching them would not be like the method of approaching the ignorant people among idol worshippers. That is the reason why the prophet(peace be upon him) commanded him to call them with gradual process, because, if he asked them to accept everything at a time, they would not believe.  And due to the special rank they have among all the called people, so nature of calling non – Muslims of today require gradual process to explain Islam to them in order to take them from the falsehood to the religion of truth.

Secondly: Good and beautiful preaching Method: This means admonishment and reminding connected with intimidation and attenuation.

There is a great importance for the beautiful preaching in calling to the way of Allah, the exalted says:

ادْعُ إِلَىٰ سَبِيلِ رَبِّكَ بِالْحِكْمَةِ وَالْمَوْعِظَةِ الْحَسَنَةِ

(Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good preaching) Nahl: 125

Beautiful preaching is a preaching which will please and consider good by the hearer due to its benefits to him. These are the indictment persuasive arguments that confirm truth.

One can also know the  importance of good preaching in calling to Islam from its great impacts  on the souls. It is one of the viable  methods of making good impacts on the hearts of non – Muslims.

The preacher should also adopt the method of enticement and intimidation in conveying the message of Islam to non – Muslims.



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