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 A wife becomes a burden on herself and her husband, and a source of misery and pain when she frequently complains and nags with or without cause. This kind of wife is always dissatisfied with her status and husband, no matter how much effort he makes, how much money he spends, or how much pressures he bears in order to provide safe and dignified life for her and all members of the family.

She is always looking forward to getting more, and comparing her life with the other wives, whether inside or outside the family. So she thinks that she is the most miserable one of them, and endures what is beyond her capacity, unlike the other wives who, in her view, live in luxury and ease. However, no one in this temprary world can enjoy full comfort, and absolute happiness. That will be only in Paradise for those who believe in Allah, fear Allah, do righteous deeds, are patient and satisfied with destiny in this world. 

If every indignant and dissatisfied woman thinks deeply that she enjoys great and countless blessings while others are deprived of them; she would realize that she is better off and more stable than many people, and that Allah Almighty, by His kindness, and mercy, has protected her from several tribulations that she would never endure.

She must think of the grace of a sound mind, distinguishing between error and right, while some people are crazy, have no mind, and cannot distinguish the right from the left.

She must think about the grace of Islam, i.e. that she is a Muslim woman, confesses the Oneness of Allah, fears His punishment, and asks for His reward, forgiveness, and mercy, while others are still infidels or atheists who don't recognize the existence of Allah and don't believe that there is a Paradise, in which the believers abide forever, and a Hell Fire, in which the disbelievers will be burned and tortured forever.

She must think of the grace of health; that Allah gave her a good health and relieved her of dangerous chronic diseases, which often lead to death. She is able to enjoy all her senses. So she can walk, sleep, eat herself, and practice her life naturally, while many suffer from disease and always need others to help them in everything - even in the bathroom.......... etc.

She must think of the grace of marriage; that she has a husband who loves her, strives to make her happy and satisfied, meets her needs, and endures her wrath, while other women suffer need, loneliness, emotional neediness after divorce, or death of their husbands.

Every Muslim wife should always think about those who have lower status than her, not those who are better off, and thank Allah who relieved her of what others have suffered. She must be patient and satisfied in all cases; in order to get Allah's satisfaction and His reward with good in this world and the Hereafter.


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