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 All Praise is due to Allah, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful. All peace and blessings be upon His beloved Prophet, Muhammad, his Family and his Companions.


Esoteric States  were - and remain - a source of danger to Islam and Muslims since they were found, if not the most serious danger - . Such as the Ubaidi, Fatimid, Buhayn, Qaramite, Safavid and others.  These movements started by organizing secret organizations, gathering  followers around them, then spreading deviant ideas about Islam.

The emergence of these subversive Esoteric states have had a clear effect on increasing the disintegration of the Islamic Ummah. Their real purposes are to corrupt the Islamic faith and destroy the Sunni scientific and governmental institutions that represent this doctrine; consequently, obstructing the spread of Islam.

Moreover, in some stages of Islamic history, they helped the Crusaders and Tartar who came to invade the Muslims in their homes, along with their betrayal with Jews and Christians. They also assassinated scientists and princes and military leaders; to clear the land for the invaders, and when the British occupied the lands of Islam from India to Egypt, they helped them with fatwas of preventing  jihad.

Along with the above, their current plan is the human extension in Sunni areas and all neighboring villages and towns, in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain. They usually concentrate in strategically sensitive areas of national security.


The history of the Esoteric States is an ancient black known history, especially with the Sunnis. Below are some examples of their malicious acts:

- Killing Umar bin al-Khattab - may Allah be pleased with him - by the Persian  Magian slave Firoz, in retaliation for what he did in the state of Kasri. Therefore, the Shiites made a fictitious tomb in the city of Kashan in Iran to be visited by people and received the funds and donations in honor of what he did.

- In the era of the Ottomans who renewed the Islamic Jihad movement and began to sweep the world until they reached Europe, thus restoring the Islamic countries lost by the Muslims during the Crusader invasion, the hand of treachery and betrayal of Raafidis started to format several fronts and separated movements, Safavids in Shorwan, Iraq and Persia, Baha'is in Persia , The Qadianis in India, the Nasiriyah and the Druze in the Levant. They allied with enemies of Islam among the British, Portuguese, French and Russian until they weakened the Ottoman caliphate and destroyed it, and they were among the biggest causes of its fall.

- The Nasirites also cooperated with the Crusaders during the Crusader invasion, and were the cause of the fall of the Levant and Jerusalem, as they had previously cooperated with the Tatars against the Muslims, and were the cause of the invasion of the Levant.

- The Druze have sent a large number of their children in the Zionist Defense Army hoping to establish an independent state in both Syria and Lebanon. then in the 1967 war, Muslims in the Golan and Jordan tasted the scourge of the Druze working in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), who did not have mercy on elders nor children.


In conclusion, Muslims must be aware that the Esoteric States still exist today, and still keep on their beliefs and tricks in attracting followers. They claim Islam, while their ultimate goal is to overthrow the Islamic religion. They have been and continued to help all the enemies of Muslims. They are now in Syria and Lebanon, crawling around the Arab countries and the Islamic regions where Sunni are active, encouraged by the Khomeinist state they have been following. They are also moving into many African and Asian countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Sailan and Burma.


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