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In every educational foundation there are educational counselors that will help you in dealing with test anxiety. They are valuable assistants for you in your study.

Guides before the exam

1.    Be prepared enough and study the courses very carefully.

2.    Practicing exercise activities helps to sharpen the brain.

3.    Have enough rest and sleep before the examination day.

4.   Give yourself enough time so that you go to examination hall early without haste, relax some minutes before the examination period, don’t try to revise everything you were taught in the last minute to the examination.

5.   Do not go for examination while you are hungry, go with some sweets or biscuits or some other related refreshments to assist you forget feeling of any test anxiety.

6.   Face the examination with full trust and consider it as an opportunity to digest all what you revised. Use the examination time very wisely. 

During the examination

-      Read the questions and instructions very carefully.

-      Sit right and comfortably.

-      When you find a difficult question move to another one.

-   When the examination is hard, choose one of the questions and start writing, this may help you to remember what you have forgotten. 

-      When you see other students submitting their examination scripts do not be eager to submit yours, for there is no prize for the one who submits first.

-      Remember all the available centers and foundations, which may grant you help in your city.

Attending the Examination 

To improve your attendance in examination, it is compulsory for you to read and study the course first, then try to revise before the examination.

These are some ways of enhancing better understanding of the courses.

Learning and Understanding

-      Write down your observation in the classroom and in the recommended textbooks.

-      Revise the lessons taught immediately the class ends.

-       Be quick in revising what you were taught before the next class.

-      Select a special time for a long revision at weekend.



-      Write down wisely all the information given to you about the exam by the lecturer.

-      Arrange your books, your revision and the needed materials as required by the exam.

-      Arrange the needed time for the revision.

-      Make a timetable to limit and fix the time of revision and the intended subject courses.

-      Assess yourself in every subject.

-      Try to complete your revision at least a day to the exam. 

       Prayer and Supplication

    Always pray to Allah for assistance and guidance in all your endeavours and remember that all success comes from Him alone.





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