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 Guess the exam content

There are reasons and events that explain why and how:

·         Carefully note any study guidelines informed by the teacher before exams or at the beginning of the semester, for example: main points, specific chapters or parts of them, worksheets.

·         Ask your teacher, if he did not volunteer to inform you, what topics will be covered or focused on in the exam.

·         Carefully note the major focuses of the teacher during classes that precede exams.

·         Write your own questions as if you are the teacher who writes the exam questions, then try to answer them.

·         See previous exams of the same teacher.

·         Meet your colleagues and try to guess the exam content .

·         Carefully note the teacher's hints of some points that may reveal the exam questions, especially when he:

-      Repeats a particular point several times.

-      Writes information on the blackboard.

-      Interrupts his explanation to review his memoirs.

-      Asks questions.

-      Or when he says "this will be included in the test".

Intensive study

The free man is only the educated man. Short-term memory is good only in emergencies, but it is not useful as a long-term learning method. Intensive study methods include:

·         A quick review of required courses

·         Selecting titles and main ideas of each course.

·         Reviewing and understanding key points and outlines.

·         Skipping chapters that may take a lot of time to review.

Means of review

·         Write a list of notes to help you identify the important covered points. Write down notes, equations, terms, main ideas and important duties in order to review them continuously. This list will help you divide your study into simple, organized parts, which in turn helps to make a comprehensive, anxiety-free review.

·         Draw mental maps include main ideas of the course and their interrelationship. These summaries should include sequential lists of ideas to help you easily retrieve information.

·         Record your notes and important parts of books on a voice recording tape so that you can review them via a recorder while walking or driving.

·         Make index cards for terms, equations and lists that need to be memorized. write the topic on one side of the card and related questions on the other side. It will help you not only for testing your ability to identify important information but also your ability to retrieve information itself.


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