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A recent study has established what many women have discovered for several years about oral contraceptives-oral pills- is accompanied by a decline in the healthy life of women and causes damage to their health.

The results of an experiment showed a decline in the quality of life, mood, and physical health of women after taking common birth control pills containing ethylene estradiol and levonorgestrel for three months.

The results support previous research and individual cases of women suffering with the side effects of oral contraceptives, but there was no significant evidence in the recent study showing that these contraceptives increases the symptoms of depression.

Surprisingly, this study is one of the most accurate studies to date in the search for the effects of birth control pills on women's healthy life.

The leading researcher: Angelica Linden-Hirschberg from the karolinska Institute in Sweden said:

"Despite the fact that about 100 million women around the world are estimated to use oral contraceptives, we still know very little about the effect these pills have on women's health,"

Details of the study

To test this, her team tested 340 healthy women, ages 18 to 35, giving either placebo or oral contraceptives containing ethhenyl estradiol and levonorgestrel over a period of three months.

The pills containing ethhenyl estradiol and levonorgestrel are the most common form of common oral contraceptives around the world because they are least associated with the risk of blood clots.

The study was double-blind, meaning none of the researchers given the pills, or women who ate, whether they receive placebo or not, and measured the general health of women at the beginning of the study, including weight, height, and blood pressure.

The participants filled out two well-known public health and depressive symptoms: the General Mental Health Index and the Beck Depression Inventory.

They then underwent the same tests at the end of the three months, so that the researchers could compare the results.

Participants who received anti-pregnancy pills reported significantly lower healthy life at the end of the study than those given placebo.

This was true for the quality of public life, as well as for certain aspects of health, such as restraint and energy levels, while no significant increase in symptoms of depression was observed.

Although it is an important first step towards better measurement of the side effects of pills, researchers are aware that the changes have been relatively small, much can not be expected yet. But these results can be applied to ethylene-estradiol and levonorgestrel-pills only.

The study monitored women for only three months; obtaining a better idea of ​​the effects of contraceptive pills on women requires longer monitoring.

One researcher, Niklas Zithraeus, said: Some of these cases may be attributed to poor compliance and irregular use of contraceptive pills.

"This potential deterioration in quality of life should be noted and taken into account in conjunction with the description of oral contraceptives and in the choice of contraceptive method.

With recent scientific research providing more information on the causes of pain and severe bleeding associated with the menstrual cycle, scientists seem to have just begun to think about female reproductive health and the side effects of contraceptives in a serious manner.

Male contraceptives.

Some male options are also being developed for contraception. Scientists are making progress in the development of menopausal hormonal injections, as well as a newly created gel that acts as a barrier to sperm, a substitute for condoms, which is reversible;thus it is possible to stop its effect through a special solution that can modify and dissolve the gel structure, allowing the sperm to move freely again.

More research is needed before determining how the pills affect women more accurately, but these early results are reassuring for many women who have had side effects while taking these pills.



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