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 Study is an honor; it is not a duty.

·        Start review early; this will give you a greater chance to absorb information.

·        Revise your courses on a daily basis even for a short period of time; this will help you to step up to a long and intensive study before final exams.

·        Prepare for your classes by reading the lessons; this will help you to understand the important points, terms and concepts easily.

·        Review your notes immediately after the lesson. This will help you identify the information you did not understand during class before you and the other students forget the lesson. When you review yout notes immediately, you will have time to correct your information with the rest of the students.

·        Review with some of your colleagues. This will help you cover important points that you may did not pay attention while studying alone.

·        Review each course early so you can have time to inquire about points which have not been absorbed during the semester.

·        Divide your course into several parts that can be controlled especially during major review prior to the exam. A three-hour of study in each morning and evening is better than six hours of continuous study.

·        Don't study while your mind is tired; this is usually a waste of time. Study difficult courses when your brain is in its most active state.




Useful alerts on the day of test

·         Be prepared and go to the exam early.

·         Bring all the tools you need such as pens, calculators, dictionaries, wristwatch and the like. All of this will help you to focus on the test.

·         Keep calm and confident.

·         Do not be a victim of worry. Thus, do not talk to the rest of the students before the test. Instead, remind yourself that you are ready and going to do well in the exam.

·         Be relaxed but also alert.

·         Choose a good place to sit during the test. Make sure you have enough space.

·         Keep your back straight while sitting on the chair.

·         Browse the exam (if there is a time).

·         Dedicate 10 percent of your time to read the exam carefully to identify important words, and plan to solve question.


The test

·         Plan to solve easy questions first and difficult ones later.

·         While you read the questions, write down notes and ideas you may use later to solve the questions.

·         Answer questions by importance. Start with easy and familiar questions , then solve questions that have high grades.

·         Leave difficult questions, questions that need much time to solve, or have fewer grades until the end


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