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.In multiple choice exams, know when to guess


Erase all the wrong answers you discovered first.

Guess, if you are not loosing guessing marks.

Do not guess if there is no reason for guessing, or you might lose guessing marks.

Usually, the first guess always sound true. Do not change the answer unless you are very sure of the correctness of the new answer.

In the written examinations,

Think deeply before you start the answer.

Write the guidelines for you answer which point to the points you wants to discuss. Thereafter, enumerate the points according to their importance.

In the written examinations.

Write the answer in the first instantly.

Write the main point in the first sentence.

Use the preface to draw a comprehensive map of the topic.

Discuss the main points in details in the remaining topic.

To support the main point, buttress it by analysis, terms and definitions in every point.

Dedicate (10%) ten percent of the time to review your answers.

Revise the answers and oppose the habit of submitting the examination paper before other students and immediately after quick attempt of answering every question.

Make sure you answer every question.

Repeat reading of your answers to make sure of correctness the idioms such as: dictation, rules of grammar, punctuation and so on.

Confirm the correctness of your answer as regards mathematics, examine it, in order to get the likely mistakes you right have made while writing and arranging of points.

Know that, all the exams you pass will help you prepare for the next exam. Therefore, use the formal exam and revise it to prepare for the final year examination.

Plan and select any method you think that is applicable and effective for you to learn, put aside other methods you know they are not suitable for you and keep away from them.

Be a serious – minded in revision and select the appropriate time and conducive suitable place for revision.

Put a line on all what you don’t understand in the book.

Concentrate on a particular part of the book or a group of exercises after reading the module.

Write down what you have studied in a form you like.

Then return to what you have not understood and look into it by using outside references like another book apart from the book specially prepared for you or another teacher, if there is something you don’t understand in the course.


In this step, ask three questions about the taught subjects.

* If I have opportunity to see the author, what are the questions I may like to ask him.

* How would I use these benefits in my daily  life.

* How would I make these benefits understandable and attractive to other students.

Revise all the topics you have studied. Remember all the methods that assisted you to understand the study . Use the methods in your future learning.



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