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How to deal with stress

Firstly, you need to defined what stress is:

Elements of stress comprises of mental and bodily issues. Among these elements are tiredness, eating in a gluttonous manner or lack of eating, headache, crying, insomnia and excessive sleeping.

If u realizes that stress affects your studies, quickly visit the center for educational counseling in your university or institute.

Control of stress means the ability to exercise restraint over the demands of life and people. What can you do to control your stress? Here are some guidelines:    

Do not stress yourself with thinking of all your works in the same time. Deal with all your works separately or schedule them in the form of scale of preference.

Consider what you can do to change or control the situation.

Change your way of dealing with events, but in a reasonable manner.

Concentrate on one particular problem and do not let the reaction of your actions interfere from one problem to the other.

Try to be positive.

Give yourself assurance that you are capable of solving issues, and don’t be pessimistic.

Change your view of things.

Learn how to diagnose stress, and train your body to deal with it.

Reduce your life commitments and relieve pressure on yourself.

Avoid acute reactions:

Why do you hate when you can ignore just. ? Why do you have a nervous stress when you are worried? Why do you lose your temper enough to breathe for your soul? Why do you get desperate and do not get enough?

The important thing in controlling stress is: “your perception about yourself.

You must have a mental and physical immunity towards stress.

Do not occupy yourself with small things, leave them for other times.

Set reasonable goals for yourself:

Learn how not to do any work during some situations.

Do away with stress with physical exercise such as running, swimming and tennis and the rest.

Try to change stress:

If you do not know how to resist stress and escape it, try to align it and use it to reach your goals.

Help others in their works to help occupy yourself of stress.

Take enough sleep.

Lack of comfort increases fatigue.

Avoid escaping from reality or to sedatives:

Sedatives and medicines offer fatigue and solve the problem.

Keep yourself away from the causes of exhaustion even for limited hours.

Give yourself a reasonable leave.

Learn the best ways to relax.

Important Note: If fatigue complicates your life, or interferes with your social and practical life, you should ask for help from specialists and those with qualifications at the university or abroad.

Preparing for revision:

Beneficial tips for revising:

You can prepare yourself for success in your studies.

Try to implement the following:

1-taking responsibility of yourself

2-center yourself around specific qualities and principles

3-put your preferences first

4- Visualize yourself in a continuous success.

5-understand others and try to let others understand you.

If you have a problem with the teacher concerning an unpleasant issue or homework, put yourself in place of the teacher, and then ask yourself, what is the best method of solving this issue.

6-search for the best solutions to every problem.

7-define yourself and your capabilities all the time.



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