Prayer Time

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All praises and thanks are due and belong to Allah and may His infinite salutations and blessings be upon His final Prophet and Messenger, his household and companions

Fasting is one of the great pillars of Islam and it is an indisputably established act of the religion. This was indicated by the Quran, the Sunnah, and the consensus (of the Muslims). Many narrations were reported about its virtue.

The state of Ramadan during the caliphate of Ali (may Allah be pleased with him)  continued as in the period of the prophet(peace be upon him) and the caliphs before him. They would establish these great actions of fasting perfectly, performing good deeds and showing goodness and sacrifice. They used to receive it by sincerely repenting, resolving to take advantage of it, and increasing in practicing righteous deeds , and asking Allah’s help and support for worshipping him in the way that pleases Him.

The Muslims held a special concern for this great month of paying attention to reciting the Qur’an, increasing in the remembrance of Allah, abstaining from sins, as fasting necessitates all these things. Fasting is not merely abstaining from food and drink indeed it is a way of refraining from all that Allah The Most High The Most Blessed hates in terms of sins etc.

The salaf during these periods also considered Ramadan as a time in which the poor are given attention and helped; the lonely and the needy are supported. People compete with each other in helping the needy, supporting people for whatever they need, and performing all the good deeds.

However, as regards the way of the Righteous Salaf, you should read about their striving, their patience and their sincerity for Allah, how they exceeded in their efforts in this noble month and other months. That is to say that we do not only remind ourselves of performing these actions only in the month of Ramadan and then become heedless and forsake our obedience to Allah in the remaining months, on the contrary we continue to stand in the night with prayer and continue to worship Allah and turn to Allah in addition to all the other acts of worship in order to gain closeness to Allah in Ramadan, we should not be heedless.

I beseech Allah to grant us and you the ability to perform the night prayer, fast and all that which is obligatory upon us in this noble month and grant us eagerness and zest regarding its virtues.



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