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Praises and thanks are due and belong to Allah with His aid all goodness are accomplished. May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon His chosen Prophet; the truthful one whose truthfulness was affirm, one who never spoke of his whims except a revelation revealed to him by His Lord. May Allah’s salutations be upon him, his pure family and lofty companions.

Al-Mustakhrajaat is a classical term in the science of Hadith describing an act of istikhraaj, which linguistically means to extract a written copy of a text that is part of an already larger publication. In the terminologies of the muhadithuun (scholars of the Science of Hadith) it is defined as an act of a haafith ( a learned scholar of Hadith) selecting a book from among the books of hadith such as Sahih Bukhari or Sahih Muslim or others besides them, then takes out its hadith with his own chain of narrations and without using the analytical methodology or path of the author of the book, but will join with him on the sheikh  of the author or the one above him even if  it is a sahaabi (companion of the Prophet Muhammad-peace be upon him-). However he must take into consideration the content of the hadith of the original book, its arrangement and paths of his chains of narrations.

Many scholars have written books of al-Mustakhrajaat on the Saheehain (Al-Bukhari and Muslim) and on other mother books of Hadith, of which we list below:

Books of Mustakhrajaat on Sahih Bukhari:

1-Mustakhraj of Haafith Abi Bakr Al-Ismaa’iliy Al-Jarhaani: he died in the year 371 A.H.

2- Mustakhraj of Haafith Abi Bakr Al-Barqaani, died in the year 425 A.H

Books of Mustakhrajaat on Sahih Muslim:

1- Mustakhraj of Haafith Abu Uwaana Ya’quub Ibn Ishaaq Al-Isfira’eeni, he died in the year 316 A.H

2- Mustakhraj of Haafith Abi Bakr Muhammad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Rajaa’ An-Naisaabuuri. He died in the year 286 A.H. he shares many teachers with Imam Muslim (the author of Sahih Muslim)

There are also certain works of Istikraaj  by the scholars of hadith that combines the hadiths of both Sahih Bukhari and Muslim in a book , one of such scholars is the learned scholar; Abu Bakr Ibn Abdaan Ash-Shiraazi who died in the year 388 A.H

Benefits of Mustakhraaj:

Books of Mustakhrajaat have many benefits as they entail doing extra work to discover other chains of transmission leading to particular contents of hadith. They, hence, strengthen a hadith with many chains of narrations. They lead to higher chain of narration known in the science of hadith as Al-isnaad Al'aali . They sometimes discover some additions in hadiths which are not from the original books they extract from, and this is as a result of the fact that, scholars who write on istikhraaj do not compel themselves to exact wordings of hadiths they take from the books of hadith. It is rather the words they narrate from their (Sheikhs or Teachers) that is written down taken into consideration the hadiths of the original books.



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