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All praise belong to Allah alone. May the peace and Allah's blessings be upon His prophet Muhammad.

Mustadrakaat is a collection of Hadith fulfilling the conditions laid down by one of the two shaykhs of Hadith (Bukhari and Muslim), but they left it out in their books for some reason. It is known that the shaykhain did not encompass all Saheeh narrations. Al-Bukhaaree (may Allah have mercy on him) said, “I did not include in my book, al-Jaami, anything except that which is saheeh. However, the saheeh narrations which I left out are greater in number.” He also said, “I have memorized one hundred thousand saheeh hadeeth, and two hundred thousand hadeeth which are not saheeh.” Muslim(may Allah have mercy on him) said, “I did not include here everything which I consider saheeh. I only included what they [the scholars] have agreed upon.”

Thus, In fact, there are many saheeh hadeeth which fulfill the conditions of the Shaykhain or one of them but not mentioned in their Saheeh.  However, the scholars have paid attention on the subject, and written many books on Al-Mustadrakaat of the Saheehain(Bukharee and Muslim).

Among the most renowned and prominent books on Al-Mustadrakaat of the Saheehain are mentioned below;

* Al-Mustadrak of Abi Abdillah Muhammad Bn Abdillah Al-Hakim An-Naysaaburi, died in the year 405 A.H. He stated in the book those Ahadith that fulfill the conditions of the Shaykhani(Bukharee and Muslim) and those that his diligence led to their authenticity, even if they are not met the conditions of one of them.

* Kitabu-l-Ilzaamaat of Abi-l-Hassan Aliy Ibn Umar Ibn Ahmad Ad-Daaraqtni Al-Bagdaadi, he died in the year 385 A.H. He collected in the book Mustadraakaat on the Shaykhain. He arranged the book on the method of Masaanid in a decent one volume.

* Al-Mustadrak on Saheehain of Al-Hafidh Abi Dhar Abdillah Ibn Ahmad Ansaari Al-Arwi, died in the year 434 A.H. The book is like Al-Mustakhraj on the book of Ad-Daaraqtni.




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