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 This is an abstract of a supplementary research to get the master's degree in Islamic Belief and Modern Doctrine in College of Osool Edin (Fundamentals of Religion), Islamic University of Gaza

Done by:

Naseeba Husam Mohammad Hasan


"Thank Allah a lot ،and peace upon the leader of all creatures (Mohammad) and his followers until the judgment day.

First ،this research about Shi'ah's faith in prophecy and leadership comes through ،introduction ،introductory chapter ،four chapters and conclusion.

In my introduction, I referred to the importance of the topic and the reasons for choosing it ،then I mentioned the research plan and my way that I followed in writing this research.

In the introductory chapter, I talked about general definition of Shi'ah and their faith in prophecy ،the difference between the prophecy and the divine massage and the evidences on prophecy then I transferred to the first chapter and talked about Shi'ah' faith in prophets which includes their functions and characteristics.

In the second chapter, I talked about the Shi'ah's attitudes towards Mohammad (peace be upon him) which includes the prophets' relation to leaders and also their attitudes towards Mohammad's tradition, his wives and his relatives.

In the third chapter, I talked about Shi'ah's faith in the principality and it includes leader characteristic and function and I talked about Shi'ah's belief in preferring leaders rather than prophets and it includes their novels and speech and writings.

Finally, I mentioned the most important results and recommendations. The most important results: preferring leaders to prophets because prophecy a special but leadership a general. and the most important recommendations - directing the legal science students to return back to the Holy Quran and Sunna in their receiving to the right faith. - Directing Science Students to study the rest of Shi'ah's faiths"

Note: The author in the source has mistranslated the word "Shi'ah" into "Communists" which is a quite different meaning, and it has been altered here.   




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