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 It's good to have a person close to your heart, a person whom you love to see, stay with, and tend to. We often call it "love", and some express it as "emotional chemistry".

This emotion often drives us to marriage, friendship, or partnership, but is it enough for relationship's success?

Here are real examples to judge for yourself:

A husband who loves his wife, and is attracted strongly to her, but when she goes through a cocktail of hormones and mood swings because of her period, he can't bear her mood swings, and gets anger for the least mistakes, without considering her psychological conditions. Thus, his love turns to selfish!

What is the use of this love if it is cannot be a crutch at hardships?!


A wife who loves her husband who pleases her eyes and heart, but she often fails to consider his financial circumstances, therefore, she gets angry when sees her sisters or friends live better than her, then starts to complain and blame her husband and does care if he borrows money to please her. Thus, her love turns to greed!

Does, in this case, her love cause their happiness? Or is it just feelings that have no effect in treatment and do not cause affection and mercy?

A mother who loves her son, so he is the most precious thing she has in this world, , and her heart is always eager for him, but she does not allow him to leave for a second. She always sows fear into his heart, restricts his freedom, and stifles him through an abundance of caution.

What is the use of this love that weakens his heart and makes him a coward, couldn't experience life nor face it?


A son who loves his mother, cares about her so much, but he can't appreciate her need to marry after she raised him to be a mature man, and does not consider her fear of loneliness after their leaving for marriage, travel or work, each with his family and his life.

Does his love mean other than jealousy and possession?


There is another example, two friends who share humor, fun, and the same thoughts. They like to go together and speak to each other. However, each one does not appreciate the other's circumstances, any of them cannot believe that her friend is a wife and a mother, which makes her responsible and burdensome. So, she blames her for lack of communication, exploits her emotionally, and underestimates her hardship on charges of vanity and neglect, because she thinks that love would have made her find time for her friend.

Why did not she make her love a way to help her friend instead of being a burden?

Why didn't love release her from selfishness?

What is the meaning of consideration?

Consideration is a beautiful behavior that leads to a successful relationship and brings love, intimacy and conviviality, even if there is no much passion and attraction.

Consideration is the ability to put oneself in others' shoes, to imagine their situations and circumstances, and to sympathize with him and excuse them.

The selfish cannot considerate others. Consideration does not automatically result from the mere tendency. The considerate person cares for those who love and those who does not love, while the selfish one cares only for himself.

Consideration is very important in married life. The long-term relationship cannot continue and succeed only through consideration, and it must be mutual among the spouses. It is the real outcome of love and compassion, without consideration, love would not last.


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