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This is an abstract of a supplementary research for PhD degree on Islamic Judiciary and Politics in College of Usul Al-Fiqh, Al-Madinah International University of Malaysia- 2013.

Done by:

Aali Mohammed Ali Al-Qarni


This study aims to identify the selections of Imam Al-Shawkani in judicial authorities, and comparing it with the famous juristic doctrines.

The researcher used the historical approach in order to know the life, writings and students of Imam Al-Shawkani. Also, he used the descriptive approach in order to extract the opinions of Al-Shawkani in judicial authorities.

The study consists of an introduction, preface, three sections and conclusion. They are as follows:

The introduction: It has the aims, approach of the study and the previous studies.

The preface: It has autobiography of Imam Al-Shawkani.

The first section: It is about judicial authorities at Imam Al-Shawkani, and it has chapters and searches.

The second section: Is about the testimonies at Imam Al-Shawkani, and it has searches and chapters.

The third section: It is about the declaration at Imam Al-Shawkani, and it has searches and chapters.

The research reached to many results from which are he followings:

1-      The importance of in judicial authorities at Imam Al-Shawkani

2-      Imam Al-Shawkani determined specifications of the judge.

3-      Declaration is an evidence at Imam Al-Shawkani.

Also, the researcher recommended the followings:

1-      Making use of the selections of Imam Al-Shawkani, and especially in the chapter of in judicial authorities.

2-      Providing the Islamic Libraries with writings of Imam Al-Shawkani.

3-      Islamic universities and institute of researches should print and achieve what have been registered in Books of Al-Shawkani.





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