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 In the name of Allah, we praise Him, seek His help and ask for His forgiveness. Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, and whoever He allows to fall astray, none can guide them aright. May His peace and blessing be upon His prophet Muhammad, his family and companions.

After Al-Hudaybiyah treaty, Bakr tribe joined the Quraysh, and the Khuza'a tribe joined the Muslim alliance. One day the Khuza'a tribe was attacked by the Bakr tribe and about 20 men were killed. Khuza'a tribe fled and entered Haram to survive, but Bakr tribe followed them and killed them in the Haram. Thus, Quraysh violated the pact of Hudaybiyah. After that, Amr bin Salem Al Khozai, a man from Khuza'a tribe came to the Prophet peace be upon him and ask him to help.


The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him responded " "You will be helped". Quraysh felt that what it did was a pure treachery and a clear violation of the pact. So, they sent Abu Sufyan as a representative to renew the peace pact out of fear of the consequences of this terrible mistake.


After several failed attempts to renew the covenant, the Prophet began preparing the army to go to Mecca. A great number of tribes joined the army.

On the tenth of Ramadan, the eighth year after migration, the Army of Muslims - about ten thousand fighters led by the Messenger of Allah- moved towards Mecca. When they reached "Mur Dhahran" near to Mecca, they set up their tents, then the Prophet ordered every fighter to set fire.


At the time, Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib, the prophet's uncle, while immigrating from Mecca to Medina, met with Abu Sufyan, who was returning to Makkah on the way. Abbas took him to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him. After a long dialogue, Abu Sufyan converted to Islam. Al-Abbas said to the Prophet: " Abu Sufyan likes to brag, do something makes him proud". Thus, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said:" Whoever enters the house of Abu Sufyan is safe and whoever enters the mosque is safe and whoever enters his house is safe. "

After that, the Prophet (peace be upon him) ordered Al-Abbas to keep Abu Sufyan at the straits of the mountain, to show him the strength of Islam and Muslims as the army moves towards Makkah. When Abu Sufyan saw the massive size of the army, he was shocked and said: "By God, O Abu Fadl, the power of your nephew has become great today, ". Abbas said:" it is prophecy". Abu Sufyan said: "yes, verily it is prophecy".

Abu Sufyan rushed to Mecca and shouted: "O Quraysh, Muhammad is coming to you with an army you cannot resist it, who entered the house of Abu Sufyan is safe ... etc.", afraid people rushed to their homes and the Holy Mosque.



The Prophet divided his army into two sections: a section on the right that included the tribes of Aslam, Salim, Ghaffar, Muzaina, Juhaina and others, led by Khaled ibn al-Walid, and the other section on the left led by al-Zubayr ibn al-'Awam.


On the twentieth of Ramadan, the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) entered Makkah reciting the verse:

"إنا فتحنا لك فتحا مبينا" (الفتح: 1)

" Indeed, We have given you, [O Muhammad], a clear conquest" (48: 1)


The people of Mecca surrendered, while Muslims were shouting in All Makkah: "God is greater, God is greater". After that, The Prophet circumambulated the House (the Ka’bah) and offered two rak’ahs of prayer behind Maqam Ibraheem.


It was narrated that when the Prophet (peace be upon him) entered Mecca on the day of the Conquest, there were 360 idols around the Ka`ba. The Prophet started striking them with a stick he had in his hand and was saying, "Truth has come and Falsehood will neither start nor will it reappear. (Sahih al-Bukhari)


After the Prophet had finished praying, he said to Quraysh, who were anxiously awaiting their fate: "O Quraysh, what do you think I will do to you?" They said: "Good you are a kind brother and a son of a kind brother," he said: "I say to you, as Joseph said to his brothers:" go, you are free." Thus, the Prophet exemplify the finest examples of pardon and tolerance.



Next day, Allah's Messenger said: "There is no migration now, but there is Jihad (i.e. holy battle) and good intentions. And when you are called for Jihad, you should come out at once" Allah's Messenger also said: "Allah has made this town a sanctuary since the day He created the Heavens and the Earth. So, it is a sanctuary by Allah's Decree till the Day of Resurrection. Fighting in it was not legal for anyone before me, and it was made legal for me only for an hour by daytime. So, it (i.e. Makkah) is a sanctuary by Allah's Decree till the Day of Resurrection…" (Sahih al-Bukhari).


This conquest was one of the greatest victories of Muslims and a great event in the Islamic history. It eliminated infidelity in the Arabian Peninsula and the world. After the conquest, Islam brought together scattered Arab sects and guided them to the bond that binds the members of the Muslim community, which is Islam.



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