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At the end of each Gregorian year there is a lot of clamor about the festivals of the unbelievers and the rulings of  participating with them in that or giving them gifts on its occasions or congratulating them for it, because the celebration of New Year's day has become a human custom on earth. All pagan and clerical nations entirely celebrate this festival either officially or not, and the Muslims follow the Christians in celebrating it in most of the Muslim countries. Therefore, the celebration of the New Year is a visible ritual in humans, which is regarded as one of the most obvious rites, and the most vocal on the earth.


Those who call for the participation of Kuffar in their festival may be divided into three groups:


1 . The people of the whims of the secular elites, and those close to them. These people do not mean the Shariah texts as much as the proximity of the unbelievers, and their satisfactions with them.


2 . The ignorant Muslims who are led to participate in the festivals of the Kuffar or congratulate them for it by the views of those who authorized it among those who made  mistakes in this matter.


3 . The religious people who fear Allah and keen on the Shariah, and know the Shariah’s ruling on the prohibition of participating in the festivals of the unbelievers or congratulate them, but they are living together with the unbelievers either by  migration to them or by long residence for work or study in diplomatic representations or scholarships or the like. And they participate in the festivals of the unbelievers as a courtesy, but they feel discomfort in doing it, and seek for way-out from it. Even some of the scholars have called for reconsidering this issue due to its general inflictions. Some have tried to differentiate between religious and worldly holidays in issuing judgments by considering New Year's Day as a worldly one and this is regarded as a step to permit its festivals. I heard a preacher once asked in a satellite channel about participating in the New Year's celebrations. He said: It is forbidden(haraam), but a person may find himself afflicted,  but Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.  As if he is saying that you participate in it, but erase the impact of the shortcomings with good deeds.


This conception is a mistake in this matter of festivals. Ritual festivals are acts of worship and rites, whether its origins are religious or customary. Islamic forbids all of them, and it is more forbidden, if it does not has any religious source.


It is prohibited for Muslims to celebrate Christmas and other Christian festivals for the following reasons:

1/ Celebrating Christmas and other Christian festivals is a religious innovation that has no basis in the Islamic Shariah.


2/ Muslims are not allowed to celebrate any feasts except the two Islamic feasts that the Prophet(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), celebrated i.e., ‘Eed Al-Fitr and ‘Eed Al-Adh-ha.


3/ The Prophet(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), banned celebrating these feasts so that they will not be rendered equal to those of the Muslims’ feasts. In fact, if the Muslim, rulers and scholars were to be unconcerned in this issue, the common Muslims would glorify and celebrate the feasts of the non-Muslims just like their own feasts.


4/ It is impermissible in Islam to celebrate birthdays, whether it is that of the Prophet(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) or other Prophets or righteous Muslims.


In fact, the birth and death of the Prophets are not considered religious events through which Muslims can draw closer to Allah The Exalted, and Muslims should not show either joy or sadness or any other similar aspects of celebration on these occasions.


In conclusion; it is now clear from the above mentioned that Christmas and new year’s celebrations are not for Muslims, and that it forbidden to per take in anything that has to do with that.


May Allah give us pure education that will help us understand our deen and work with it the best way possible.  



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