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How to purify Impurities?

Impurities can be purified in Islam through the following means:

1 - The impurity that is on the ground and place; It is sufficient to purity this by washing it once, so that the original substance of the impurity is wiped off, and water should be poured over the impurity once, based on the order of the prophet (peace be upon him) to pour water on the urine of the Bedouin man who urinated in the mosque. (Recorded by Al-Bukhaari, No:220, and Muslim, No:284).

2 - The impurity that is on other things other than the ground such as cloth or utensil;

If the impurity is due to the licking of a dog on the utensil; then it must be washed seven times, one of which should be with soil. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

[إذا ولغ الكلب في إناء أحدكم فليغسله سبعا، أولاهن بالتراب].

[If a dog licks the vessel of one of you, let him wash it seven times, the first time should be with soil]. (Recorded by Muslim, No:279).

This ruling is general for utensils and others, such as clothes and rugs.

As for the impurity of the pig; the correct view is that, it is like all other impurities, it is sufficient to wash it once, in a way that the impurity is wiped off and it is not stipulated to wash it seven times.

If the impurity is from urine, excrement, blood, etc.; it should be washed with water, with rubbing and squeezing until the impurity is removed, and there is no trace of it, and it is sufficient to wash it once.

It is sufficient in cleansing of the urine of an infant male child who has not started eating food to sprinkle water on it, for the saying of the prophet(peace be upon him):

 [يغسل من بول الجارية، وينضح من بول الغلام].

[The urine of a baby girl should be washed off and the urine of a baby boy should be sprinkled (with water)]. (Recorded by Abu Dawood, No:376, An-nasaai, No:303, and Ibn Majah, No:526. (

And for the aforementioned Hadith of Ummu Qays bint Mihsaan.

As for the skin of the dead Animal whose meat is permissible to eating; it should be purified by tanning, due the saying of the prophet (peace be upon him):

[أيما إهاب دبغ فقد طهر].

[Any skin that is tanned has been purified]. (Recorded by An-Nasaai, No:4252, At-Tirmidhi, No:1728, and Ibn Majah, No:3609).

The menstrual blood on a woman’s dress: should be washed by the woman with water, then sprinkle it, then offer pray with it.

The Muslim should take good care of his purification from the impurities in his body, his place and his dresses on which he performs his prayers, because it is a condition for the validity of the prayer.


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