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Things that invalidate the fast: 2.

Thirdly: Vomiting deliberately:

It is to bring out what is in the stomach such as food or drink through the mouth deliberately, but if the vomiting over comes him and come out without his choice, it does not affect his fast, because of the saying of the prophet (peace be upon him):

[من ذرعه القيء فليس عليه قضاء، ومن استقاء عمدا فليقض].

[Whoever is overcome by vomiting(while one is fasting), no making up is required of him, but whoever vomits intentionally must make up the day]. (Recorded by Abu Dawood, No:2380, At-tirmidhi, No:720, and Ibn Majah, No:1676).

Fourthly: Cupping:

It is to remove the blood from the skin and not the veins. So whenever the fasting person takes cupping(while he is fasting), his fast is invalidated, because the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:

[أفطر الحاجم والمحجوم].

[The cupper and the one for whom cupping is done both break their fast]. (Recorded by Abu Dawood, No:2367, and Ibn Khuzaymah, No:1983).

Likewise, the fasting of the cupper is also invalidated, unless if he performs the cupping with use of instruments which do not required sucking of the blood. This does not break the fast. Allah knows best.                   

Also removing blood out of the lobe and taking it out in order to donate it is also related to cupping.

With regards to blood coming out through a wound, or plucking out of the tooth or a hemorrhage, it is not harmful, because it is not considered to be cupping, or in its sense.

Fifthly: Menstrual and Postpartum Bloods:

When a woman sees menstrual or postpartum blood, her fasting becomes broken, and it is obligatory on her to make up the fast, because the Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

[أليس إذا حاضت لم تصل، ولم تصم؟].

[Is it not the case that when a woman menstruates, she neither prays nor fasts?]. (Recorded by Al-Bukhaari, No:304).

Sixthly: Intention of Breaking the Fast:

Whoever intends to break the fast before the time of breaking it while he is fasting, his fast becomes void, even If he does not take any invalidated things. The intention is one of the two pillars of fasting. If he breaks the fast with the intention of breaking the fast deliberately, his fasting becomes broken.

Seventhly: Apostasy:

For it contravened to worship, and for Allah saying:

{لئن أشركت ليحبطن عملك}.

{...If you should associate [anything] with Allah, your work would surely become worthless...}. (Qur'an39: 65).

To be continued, insha Allah…


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