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Things that are disliked during Fast.

It is disliked for the fasting person to do some things that may affect his fast, and reduce his reward of fasting. They are:

1 - Excessiveness in the Mouth rinsing (in ablution) and sniffing up of water (into the nose).

For fearing that the water goes to his stomach, due to the saying of the prophet (peace be upon him) that:

[وبالغ في الاستنشاق إلا أن تكون صائما].

[And sniff water deep into the nose except when you are observing fast]. (Recorded by Al-Bukhaari, No:1904, and Muslim, No:1151).

2 Kissing:

Kissing for the one whose desire may arise up, and whoever is not sure of himself. So It is disliked for a fasting person to kiss his wife or his made because it may arouse the desires that may lead to invalidate the fast by masturbation or sexual intercourse. And whoever is assure of himself it will not void his fast, there is nothing wrong for him to do that. because the prophet (Peace be upon him) used to kiss his wives when he was fasting. Aa'ishah (may Allah be pleased with her) said:

[وكان أملككم لأربه].

[The Prophet (peace be upon him) had the greatest control over his desire among you]. (i.e. His need for intercourse). (Recorded by Al-Bukhaari, No:1927, and Muslim, No: 1106).

Also it is a must on him to avoid all that may stir his desire and arouse it; such as continuous looking at the wife, or the made, or thinking about sex, because it may lead to masturbation, or intercourse.

3 - Swallowing of the sputum:

Because it reaches the stomach, and strengthens it. In addition to the filthy and harm caused by this act.

4 - Tasting of food without need for it.

If a fasting person needs this, like if a cooker needs to taste the salt (of the food) and the like, there is nothing wrong in that, with caution so that some of that will not reach to his throat.


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