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The Affliction of Some of the Creation by Each Other: 2.

And say the same in the affliction of scholars by the ignorant. Are they going to give good advice to them, teach them, treat them with kindness and be patience in giving advice and teaching them?. Are they going to strive in solving their problems, defending their interests, and demanding for their rights?. Or drop down from their duty towards them?. And  careless in standing for their rights?. He also tested the ignorant by the scholars, are they going to obey them and be guided by them and have regard for them and give respect to them and cooperate with them on righteousness and piety?. Or are they going to hold in contempt towards their rights? And misbehave to them? And stay behind from supporting and assisting them?.

He tested the father by his son, and how far will he take up his responsibility towards rearing and bringing him up, and loyalty in his good taking care, and  rearing of him, and his keenness in guiding him, and making a good example for him through his ethics and good treatment.

He also tested the child by his father. How far will he be dutifulness towards him, and his respectfulness and humility to him and lowering his wings for him, and his service and obedience to him in the right way, and showing appreciation to him, and to compensate his goodness to him with good through all nice words, and beautiful action.

As well as the case of the affliction of the near-relative by his near relative, the neighbor by his neighbor, the companion by his companion, the husband  by his wife, the wife by her husband, and others from all of the creation.

Among that is the case of the poor man who says: Why am I not like the rich?. And the weak says: shouldn’t I be like the strong, and the afflicted says: Should I be like the healthy?, and the blind says: How I wish I can see.

Similarly, every afflicted person with a calamity or defect is tested by the people of grace and wellbeing, that he should not envy him, begrudge the bounty of Allah upon him, and not take anything from him except by his approval and his good-hearted, and be pleased with what Allah has designed for him.

And the healthy person is also afflicted by  him that he should not ridicule and despise him, and he should have mercy on him and console him, and he should give thanks to his Lord for the blessing of safety and well-being.

The poor and the weak of the believers from among the followers of the messengers were trials for the leaders of the people and their elders who abstained from the faith with the glaring of guidance to them due to despise for these followers of the messengers (peace be upon them), and haughtiness upon them. They said:

{لَوْ كَانَ خَيْرًا مَّا سَبَقُونَا إِلَيْهِ وَإِذْ لَمْ يَهْتَدُوا بِهِ فَسَيَقُولُونَ هَٰذَا إِفْكٌ قَدِيمٌ}.

{If it had [truly] been good, they would not have preceded us to it." And when they are not guided by it, they will say, "This is an ancient falsehood}. (Qur'an 46:11).


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