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The Most Severely Tested of People 2

Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy on him) said: "If you reflect on Allah’s wisdom in that with which He tests His slaves and the best of all human beings, by which He directs them to achieve the highest goals and reach the highest positions, which they could not have achieved without these tests and trials, you would find that all these tests and trials are in fact inevitable to enter the Paradise. And that they are a kind of honor and dignity, though they appear to be trials and tests, in fact they are mercy and blessings. How many great blessings from Allah are the direct consequences of tests and trials?

Reflect on the story of our father Adam (peace be upon him), and what had been the outcome of his test; he has been chosen by Allah to be among the best of His slaves. Allah also guided him and raised his status. Had it not been for the ordeal that he experienced, i.e. getting him out of the Paradise and the consequences of that, he never would have reached what he has reached. Indeed, it's a great change between his first situation and the last one

Reflect on the story of our second father Nooh (peace be upon him), and what had been the outcome of his test and patience with his people all those centuries; Allah gave him victory, drowned the people of earth in answer to his supplication, made all mankind descended from his offspring and made him the fifth one of the five Messengers, namely the Messengers of determination, who are the best of the Messengers. Therefore, Allah commanded His Messenger and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to be patient like Nooh, and praised him for his gratitude, saying:

{إِنَّهُ كَانَ عَبْدًا شَكُورًا} (الإسراء: 3).

Interpretation of the meaning: {Verily, he was a grateful slave} (Qur'an 17:3), and Allah described him Nooh as being perfect in patience and gratitude.

[Then he - Ibn al-Qayyim- mentioned at length trails and dignities of the Prophets Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus till he said:]

And when you reflect on the story of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), his experience with his people, his patience for the sake of Allah, how he put up with things that no other Prophet before him had to bear, facing all kinds of situations, peace and war, safety and fear, richness and poverty, security and stability in his own homeland then moving away and leaving it for the sake of Allah, the killing of his loved ones and friends before his eyes, in addition to the infidels’ persecution of him in word and deed, and using magic, lies and fabrications against him.

However, despite all that he was patient in obeying the command of Allah and calling people to Allah. No Prophet was persecuted in the way that he was persecuted, or went through what he went through for the sake of Allah, and no Prophet was rewarded as he was rewarded; for Allah raised high his fame, joined his name to His, and made him the Master of all mankind; He made him the closest of creation to Him, the greatest in status and the one whose intercession is always accepted before Him. Thus these trials and calamities were in fact a dignity for him, by means of which Allah increased his honor and virtue, and granted him the highest status.  

And this is the case with his heirs after him; each one will have his share of trials and tests, by which Allah drives them to attain perfection.

As for whoever doesn't go through trials and tests, he is as he who was created for this world and it was created for him only; He eats from it wherever he will in ease and abundance and enjoys its pleasures until he receives what Allah decreed for him. There is a great difference between him and those pious worshippers of Allah; they are tested while he lives in ease and well-being. They get afraid and grieve while he is safe and pleased among his family. He has his own affairs while they strive for their affairs, as if he lives in a valley while they are living in another valley. His only concern is to attain a high standing and raise money, whether people are satisfied or discontent. On the other hand, they strive for  establishing the religion of Allah, upholding His word, supporting His friends, and worshipping Him alone, so that He alone be the God and no one else, and that His Messenger be the only Messenger who deserves obedience and no one else.

Thus, Allah tests His Prophets and believer slaves for a reason that no one in the whole world can recognize, and no one may reach the high status and virtuous endings without crossing the bridge of tests and trials.

[Then he - Ibn al-Qayyim- quoted a line of poetry, translated into the following:]

       If you want to reach the high status       

                                               you should cross the bridge of fatigue to get it"  End Quote.  

To be continued, insha Allah...


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