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The Most Severely Tested of People 3.

That these chosen people whom Allah has ordained to carry this religion and to do the duty of spreading it and calling people to it are not like other people of heedlessness and selfishness, who care only about their personal interests and their immediate and urgent benefits, and dominated by the love of fates and controlled by passions and desires, but they are mixing with people and patient upon their harm. They are very keen to guide and reform them. They are striving in giving them advise and teaching them. They dedicate their times and efforts in order to affirm their souls and improve their morals, and they are striving to give support for the Muslims and their sympathy. They love their benefit and bring pleasure to them, and strive to drive away their sorrow, and remove away harm and trouble from them.

They are sincere in loving and advising them, and concerning over their wrongdoings and sins. They enjoining them what is good, forbidding them from evil doing, and taking on the hands of the unbelievers and taking them to the right lines, and fighting the enemies of religion from among the hypocrites and the unbelievers.

Whoever that what has been mentioned is their state in mixing with the slaves of Allah, and abstaining from their misguided desires, lusts, and their corrupted willing, it is not surprising that the harm, injustice, ignorance, unjustly treatment, foolishness, and stupidity of the people will befall upon them which do not befall on the other people who remain and stay behind, and prefer their soul, meekness, warm hearted over Jihad and sacrifice in the path of Allah.

By the extent of the believer's duty in calling to Allah and teaching (people the religion of Allah), jihad and, rendering support for the religion and commanding what is good and forbidding what is bad, and other from among the general collective obligations, which the Muslim community cannot earn goodness in her religion and worldly affairs except by it. The more the believer becomes committed to his religion and patient over its burdening, the more severe distress befall on him from his enemies among the infidels, the hypocrites and the Debauchers.


To be continued, insha Allah…


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