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The Most Severely Tested of People 6.


He said: "The tribulation is of these following great benefits which among of which is  to get rid of those who are not eligible to this great value. If he endures it and gets forward, the tribulation will turn into a gratitude, and the pain turns to a favor, and this has been known by the special and common experience.

There is no one who gives priority to the satisfaction of Allah over the satisfaction of the creatures, and endures the ordeal in the path of it, and gets into patience on its severe scourge, except that Allah turns the scourge and the ordeal into a favor, happiness and aid, as much as what he endured on His satisfactions, and his fears turned into a safety, and the signs of his destruction into safety, his fatigue into a comfort, his tribulation into a gratitude, his misfortune into a grace and, his displeasure into satisfaction. How failure is for those who get behind and how shameful is for the treacherous peoples.

The Sunnah(nature) of Allah has been running under this way which will never undergo any change that whoever gives priority to the satisfaction of creation over His satisfaction that the person will become angry with him, dishearten by his part, and make his plight on his hands. Then, his praise will become disparage, and he will never reach his desire from them, and he will never earn the reward of his Lord. This is the most incompetent and foolish person.

As that the satisfaction of the creatures cannot be earn, nor it is commanded, or narrated, it is impossible, even they must be displeased with you. It is better that they are angering with you and you earns Allah's satisfaction is most beloved and benefit to you than from being angry with you by them and Allah is not satisfied with you . If it is a must that they dissatisfy base on the expectation of that, give priority to their anger, by which you will the satisfaction of Allah, even if they are satisfied with you later, otherwise the satisfaction of the people who his satisfaction will not benefit you anything is the less thing you may lost, and his dissatisfaction will not have any effect on your religion, nor in your faith, or in your hereafter. If it harms you in this worldly life, but the harm of Allah's dissatisfaction with you is most great and great.  And the most wise brain is to endure the lowest of the two evils to prevent the highest one, and missing of the less of the two benefits to earn the highest.

So, if you are of the opinion of two favors, then look of the most benefit of the two favors and give priority for it, and which of the two is the most harmful, and then abstain away from it.  This is a necessary explicit proof in giving priority for the satisfaction of Allah over the satisfaction of the creation.


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