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The Most Severely Tested of People 7.

This, however, that if he prefers to please Allah, He(Allah) will prevent him from the anger of the people. But if he prefers to please the people, they will not prevent him from Allah's anger on him. Some of the salaf (good predecessors) said: "To make one face is easier for him than to make many faces. If you make that one face, it will be enough for you over all the other faces". Imam Al-Shafi'i (may Allah's mercy be upon him) said: "satisfying people is a target that cannot be achieved".

So, you have to focus and stick to that which is beneficial to yourself. It is well known that there is no goodness for the soul except by giving preference to it lord and owner over anyone else.

3- that the prophets and their followers of the scholars and reformers are the highest ranked of all people, and are in the highest status, and have the most respectable position in this world and in the Hereafter, and Allah's favors on them are abundant, and the trials are based on the amount of grace, so he who has more favors will receive greater trials.

On the other hand, they are the people's Imams and the most prominent of the people, and the unity of those who walk to Allah and their leaders. They are the examples to be followed, the directors and preachers to guidance, so, no wonder that the arrows are directed towards them and the severity of the trials on them. And in the past the Arabs said: "Do not be a head, for the head has many pests". Then the severity of the trials on them is part of that which ease the affliction on those bellow them, and lessen its effect on their souls, and push them to imitate them in patience and jihad.

4- that the harm that happened to the believer because of his faith and jihad entails great benefits, and good consequences, which makes this tribulation a privilege, and make the afflictions a wellness and mercy, and that is because the trials constitute strengthening the faith, increasing the certainty, raising of standards, multiplying of goodness, the forgiveness of sins, refering the slave to the Creator of the earth and the heavens, making him aware of his poverty and weakness, and his intensive need of his Lord, and to make him surender to Him, and raise his hands in humility to Him, so that Allah will open for him because of that the doors of His mercy, and the sweetness of His obedience, and the pleasure of talking to Him, and getting close to Him and the honest reliance on Him, which is better for him than the enjoyment he missed due this trial.

The verses and hadiths and sayings of the Salaf in clarifying the impact of calamities and afflictions in the wiping of sins, and that all that the believer is afflicted with is an expiation, and its impact on the multiplication of good deeds, and raising standards, and that the greatness of reward depends on the greatness of affliction, and its impact in increasing faith and strengthen the certainty has no limit. Some of the scholars have written special books on this.

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