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Sheikh Abdul-Aziz bin Fawzan Al-Fawzan was born in 1384AH in the township of Buraida in Al-Qassim region of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Academic Qualifications:

1.    BA from the College of Sharia and the fundamentals of Islam in Al-Qassim.

2.    MA in Comparative Jurisprudence from the Higher Institute of Judiciary with a thesis entitled "Suspicion ... Empirical Study in the Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence."

3.    PhD in Comparative Jurisprudence from the Higher Institute of Judiciary with a dissertation entitled "The Means of Achieving Security in Islamic Jurisprudence."


Functional Works:

Professor of Comparative Jurisprudence at the Higher Institute of Judiciary, board member of the Human Rights Commission, former head of Comparative Jurisprudence Department, former head of Islamic Studies Department at the Islamic and Arabic Sciences Institute in Washington. He was appointed a visiting professor at the Faculty of Law - Department of Islamic jurisprudence studies - at "Harvard" University, at the invitation of the university addressed to Imam University in Riyadh. He was also appointed a visiting professor at Ningxia University in China in 2014.


Memberships in scientific institutions and societies:

1.    Member of the Saudi Jurisprudence Society.

2.    Member of the Saudi Judicial Society.

3.    Member of the Committee on Bioethics in Saudi Arabia.

4.    Member of the Saudi Commission on Developing Strategy for Islamic activities abroad.

5.    Member of the Shari'ah Board of Al-Bilad Bank.

6.    Member of the Unified Shari'ah Board of Al-Baraka Banking Group.

7.    Chairman of the Shari'ah Committee of Solidarity Takaful.

8.    Member of the Shari'ah Board of Al-Yusr Company for Investment and Financing.

9.    General Manager of Islam message global media network. It projects include Cordoba global channel in Spanish, Chinese Peace Channel, Mansahi Pilipino channel, Simsim satellite channel,  Message of Islam channel for the Holy Quran with translation of all the verses to French and English, in addition to thirteen electronic sites in eight live languages, and various smart applications.


Printed works:

Some of his printed works in Arabic include the following:

1.    Aims and objectives of Islamic law.

2.    Jurisprudence of dealing with people.

3.    Rights of parents and children.

4.    Marital rights in Islamic law.

5.    Characteristics of Human Rights in Islam.

6.    Suspicion ... Empirical Study in the Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence (MA thesis).

7.    The Means of Achieving Security in Islamic Jurisprudence. (PhD dissertation).

8.    The impact of intention and the reason for possession in real estate Zakah.

9.    State's responsibility to protect endowments.

10.                       Global and national days ... A Legal View.

11.                       Rule of progression in the application of Islamic law.

12.                       Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice and their impact in achieving security.

13.                       Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice and their impact on the preservation of rights and freedoms.

14.                       Terrorism and its relationship with the Kharijites and its penalty in the Islamic Law.

15.                       The impact of knowledge and faith in the fight against terrorism and aggression.

16.                       Women's rights in the Saudi Arabian systems.

17.                       Qur'an is the safety valve.

18.                       Rule regarding marrying an adulterous woman and the attribution of illegitimate child.

19.                       Satellite Fatwa .. Characteristics and Controls.

20.                       The global financial crisis and solutions of Islamic Law.

21.                       Cosmetic injections and improvement of the Textures in Islamic Law.


Scientific and Media Contributions:

He has conducted over a hundred scientific course in North America, South America, Scandinavia, and a number of European, Asian and African countries.

He has participated in many scientific conferences, symposia, and programs within and outside the Kingdom. He also discussed a number of scientific papers and complementary research at the Higher Institute of Judiciary, Faculty of Sharia in Riyadh, the American Open University, Naif Arab Academy for Security Sciences, and others.

Since 1998, he has been offering a lot of television programs and direct fatwas in more than forty satellite channels. He has offered many radio programs in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, in addition to hundreds of articles and interviews in newspapers, magazines and websites.

All praise is due and belongs to Allah, through whose blessings all righteous deeds are achieved.



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