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KSA Embassy in Indonesia: No Death Records of Girl’s Alleged Saudi Father.

3/7/2018 12:00:00 AM   |      |   

Saudi Ambassador to Jakarta Osama Al-Shoaibi, who pledged to follow-up on the case of the Indonesian girl whose Saudi father died few years ago, said the embassy did not find anything in its records or archives about the death of Sultan al-Harbi, the girl’s alleged father.
If there is someone called Sultan al-Harbi who died 9 or 10 years ago, then his body was not transferred to Saudi Arabia via the embassy and the Saudi airlines, the ambassador said, adding that no one with the name Sultan al-Harbi was transferred from Indonesia to another country.
“Was he buried in Indonesia?” Shoaibi asked, noting that the alleged wife’s account was contradictory as sometimes she says Harbi’s mother and father went to Indonesia to transfer the body, sometimes she says his friend did and other times she says it was her who took the body to the airport.

Shoaibi said that they need to look more into the story, adding that the embassy will continue to follow up on it until it concludes whether Harbi is in fact dead or alive or whether he does not know that the Indonesian woman he married got pregnant and gave birth without telling him and she's now claiming he is deid.

He added that this will take some time because of the woman’s contradictory statements.

“The embassy, however, will continue to look after the child. The truth will hopefully appear soon,” Shoaibi said.



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