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Solar Power Project Plan 2030, Greatest Energy Source Worldwide by 2050

4/2/2018 12:00:00 AM   |      |   

The launching of Solar Power Project Plan 2030 grabbed the attention of a number of energy experts in the world, especially after the kingdom’s announcement that it intends to produce 200 gigawatt of solar energy by 2030.

The purposes of this project goes in tandem with the forecasts of the International Renewable Energy Agency that solar energy will be the greatest energy source worldwide by 2050.

This Solar Power Project Plan 2030 would put a legal and organizational framework that allows the private sector to invest and possess in renewable energy sector, as well as urge partnerships between the private and public sector.

This global project would contribute to increasing electricity generated from solar energy, opening new economic and investment channels in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in addition to providing job opportunities, training and investment for individuals and on firms.


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