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Europe's First Eco-Mosque to be Opened in Early 2019.

4/10/2018 12:00:00 AM   |      |   

A project under construction in Cambridge seeks to corporate in what will be Europe's first eco-mosque.

The project is 10 years in the making and has tested the ingenuity of architects and engineers. But it is on track to open in early 2019 not only as a place of prayer but also a space for teaching.

At last count, there were 100,000 Muslim converts in Britain.
Cambridge has five mosques, but none is purpose-built and all are too small. For years, worshippers have made do with rented halls, often spilling out into the corridors or street. So, 10 years ago, Winter, a lecturer in Islamic studies at Cambridge University, established the Cambridge Mosque Trust, a registered charity dedicated to raising funds to build a mosque that was fit for the purpose.

In 2008, the trust acquired a one-acre derelict site for £4 million in Mill Road, an area of Cambridge with a significant Muslim population. The city council unanimously granted planning permission and, in 2009, an international architectural competition was held to find the right design. 


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